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We believe effective communication is based on integrity and trust – not only between speaker and listener, writer and reader, but between all those engaged in the process that goes into making media compelling and persuasive. We love working with others who want to make the world a better place.


Tim Wallace has two decades’ experience in writing, editing and publishing processes for a variety of markets. He has worked as a staff writer, freelancer, subeditor, production manager and editor in mainstream and independent media including The Canberra Times, The Australian Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Boss magazine and The Diplomat magazine; and as contractor for government, corporate, small-business and not-for-profit clients. This includes preparing content for newspapers, magazines, corporate reports, books and websites. He is trained to sweat the detail while keeping sight of the big picture. In his work with others he strives for consultative decision-making and stakeholder engagement, and is passionate in his commitment to ethical practice.


Tim works with a network of trusted media specialists selected according to specific project needs. These include art directors and designers, corporate communication professionals, web developers, writers and editors, artists and photographers, and social media  experts.


Anna Rose

National Manager / Earth Hour Australia

We were very lucky to have Tim’s formidable editorial skills and vision to put together the Planet to Plate cookbook. He has a wealth of knowledge about editing and publishing, and a keen eye for detail. His determination and commitment meant we put together a quality product that satisfied all the various stakeholders – farmers, scientists and celebrity chefs – in an extremely short period of time and on a shoestring budget.

Candy Robertson

Graphic Designer / Goody Communication

I had the great pleasure of working alongside Tim on the Earth Hour cookbook. He is an excellent communicator with a great eye for detail and appreciation for design. His ability to solve problems and effectively delegate key tasks and communicate information, whilst being ever mindful of the scientific, political and human considerations the project naturally found itself in, was one of the key reasons to the project’s success. Planet to Plate not only communicated all key messages effectively, but also produced a visually appealing publication that exceeded all levels of expectation from management and partners.

Helen Trinca

Editor / AFR Boss

Tim has a strong commitment to quality journalism and is prepared to put in real energy and application in producing first-rate quality work. He has a very good attention to detail, a good grasp of history and current events, a sense of balance in terms of content and tone, and a real interest in presenting readers with accessible information. He is a skilled copy editor able to re-write and re-shape material very effectively.

Colleen Ryan

Editor / Australian Financial Review

Tim has brought a very intelligent and broad perspective to his work and has been closely involved in re-writing and expanding materials as well as the detailed subbing of articles. He has shown flair in the packaging of articles both in terms of tone and headlines. His commitment to accuracy, to good sense and to good writing has been exemplary and he has put a great deal of energy and passion into the establishment of a new magazine.

Ted Rose

Communications and Information Project Co-ordinator / Screen NSW

As an editor, Tim is consultative, considerate and strategic with his team, and always makes informed decisions. In the production of Planet to Plate, he balanced the needs of many stakeholders and always worked to ensure the project achieved its maximum potential. Tim delivers a sense of purpose and pride in his team through his leadership style, and has proven his ability to create, manage and measure the components of a complex editorial production. He ensured the editorial team and competing stakeholder needs were shaped to speak to the overarching brand story. His commitment is unwavering, and he’s a pleasure to work with.

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